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Time: The Most Precious Commodity.

It seems like most people in the work world manage their lives and their actions around their Outlook calendar.   The amount of meetings people have is mind-boggling to me. Not only are folks spending a lot of time in meetings but has any one ever asked why just about every single meeting is one hour? I have not read any studies that suggest one hour is the most effective time for a meeting. I am thinking it is one hour because it fits into a real nice box in Outlook. One of the largest problems in business is people confuse

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Empower, Do Not Dictate

Empowering is another one of those business terms that is misused in the business world. In talking with managers, many of them have said to me, “I empowered my people by telling them to do x.”  Often times when a manager tells an employee what to do, the employee is waiting for the how to do it.  Just because you have communicated that people are empowered does not mean you are getting the true benefits of empowerment. My definition of empowerment is laying out the vision and goals of the company and then leaving the "what" to work on and

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Great People Always Do Great Things

Personally, I feel people are more important than the business model. I have been a part of companies that didn’t have the best business models but they had unbelievable people. These amazing people are able to conquer the world. When you have these people working towards the same objective a team of 10 will operate like a team of 100. This is important in every organization in the world but certainly more important in small companies where there are only a handful of people.  The great people I am talking about have many different skills but if I had to

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Cold Calling: The lifeblood of building a business

Most people HATE cold calling.  Matter of fact when I have interviewed experienced sales people, one of the first questions asked is, “will there be any cold calling or will you provide me with a list of people to call?” In a world of pay-per-click, website sign-ups, etc cold calling is a lost art. It is unfortunate because it is a great way to build a business. I am not just talking about the revenue potential that comes with cold calling but the vast amount of true marketing, strategic, business plan and market positioning information that comes from cold calling.

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Holiday Wish List…Mentors

For those of you that are racking your brain on what to ask for this holiday season, I have an idea you should get for yourself…mentors.  Mentors serve a very important role in our lives. Not just in our professional life but our personal life as well.  People that have accomplished what you are hoping to accomplish will help you navigate the pitfalls and roadblocks of your journey. Everyone agrees we learn from our mistakes. The best way to tip the odds in your favor is to get an edge by leveraging the experience of others. Unless you have the

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Everyone Should Own The P&L

Revenue – Costs = Profits It is the simplest of equations and ultimately the basis for which all business are judged. If it is so important, how come so few folks within an organization understand not only what drives this within their own business but what role they play? Companies owe it to themselves and their employees that all of their workers understand this. It is a great discipline for companies to possess. It serves as a solid guide to where we are going, who do we need to get us there and how much should we pay prior to

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Do you have 20/20 vision when you look in the mirror?

Everyone looks at themselves in the mirror every single day. People can describe their facial attributes and blemishes in extreme detail. People are too hard on themselves as it relates to their physical characteristics. We should all spend more time looking inside ourselves and take a true inventory of what we possess on the inside as it relates to heart, passion, skill sets, relationships, etc. Why is that we have better than 20/20 vision as it relates to our physical characteristics but many are nearly blind when it comes to what is inside? The skill to be introspective is one of

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Money Follows Success: Success Doesn’t Follow Money

Financial success is a worthy goal, and it is also a long-term goal. Trying to make the most money possible in the short term and going from one high-paying job to another high-paying job does not lead to the same level of financial gain that can be achieved from building a solid foundation and building on that foundation. I have encountered too many people who go through their professional career looking for short-term financial gain, even pretending to have skill sets that they don’t really have just to make more money. They believe they can learn the skills on the

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The Entrepreneurs Playbook

Over the past 20 years, people from all walks of life have asked me, “how do I know if I should start my own company?” Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. They are of different races, genders, economic backgrounds, ages, and educational backgrounds. Regardless of where you come from, three things tip the odds in your favor: passion, motivation, and realistic expectations. Passion is THE most important thing in life. You have to have passion not only for your business idea but also for life in general. I could talk on and on for days about passion outside of

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