We aren’t for everyone. We look for organizations that want a true partner in all aspects of the meaning. We build relationships and are not just vendors. We look for organizations that want to be in it together. If you feel like you already have everything figured out, you don’t need us.


We partner with entrepreneurs who want to leverage our success, resources and experience. They want a partner who will be there with them in good times and bad. It’s not in my DNA to be un-involved in the companies in which I invest. I have seen too many misfires and misuse of proceeds to sit back and watch it happen. If you are just looking for an investment, there are plenty of other places to go for money.

Perfect Company Profile: Just the founder and maybe a few other folks. They have just raised or are in the process of raising the seed round.

Growing Young Companies

To build a great company, it needs a 100-story foundation to go along with the 100-story building. With Kairos, we build a couple of stories of foundation and of the building together. Too many companies subscribe to the “build-it-and-they-will-come” theory. Others focus on getting revenue in the door and plan to figure out the back-end later. Either approach might work, but it isn’t the best way to play the percentages. With Kairos, we have the experience with mentoring, coaching, and planning to help a growing company evolve to the next level.

Perfect Company Profile: Have completed the Series A round and maybe are working on or have completed the Series B round. Need assistance in defining revenue channels, building/growing/structuring sales forces, creating the sustainable back office that will scale with the company, and tweaking the business model to turn it into a sustainable large business by aligning costs to grow below the growth of revenue.